District Overrun



Top down survival shooter in which the player's aim is to survive the exponentially growing horde of zombies that are infecting the natural population of humans. Find and put to use any weapons and ammunition you can before the infected snowball out of control. 

District Overrun is currently in development by Alex Deacy, UK - Derby. Developed in a custom engine built upon Java Development Kit and default libraries, it is still in active development and has been so for almost 2 years. As such the game is for the most part functionally complete. 

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Silence or Violence:

Zombies can hear your every move, from firing your weapon to closing a door. Remain stealthy and unseen or be prepared to fight back. Once one sees you all hell breaks loose, if you don’t kill it, the noise from its excitement anticipating gnawing on your brains will catch the attention of any close by, and firing your weapon it is potentially far worse.

It is no use hiding with your head between your legs though. When the human population becomes diminished the hordes of zombies will be attracted to your smell drawing them ever closer until they inevitably stumble upon you.



Nothing lost, nothing gained:

The entire map, all of its contents and every AI is being simulated with physics persistently. With nothing being artificially added or removed.

This means that any actions and decisions you, or any of the AI make, will affect the way in which the game progresses. Use up all the ammunition in an area or if it becomes too hazardous to stick around then you had better get moving to somewhere better.



It won’t stop:

Most of the enemies you see will have at some point been an unsuspecting human AI. At the start of the game the world is populated with a few hundred to thousands of human AI and a small initial population of 10 or so zombies. From this initial scenario the zombies will tear their way thought the initial civilian population vastly growing in numbers until they have overwhelmed all. The various stages of progression the infection naturally takes offers a variety of new challenges for survival.

The humans are by no means helpless however, the world contains a healthy distribution of gun wielding civilians, police officers and military bases. All of which are ready to defend what they hold dear, providing formidable roadblocks that can for some time halt the spread.


A Fresh Start

Every new game results in a completely new map generated so as to resemble a town. With densely populated areas and industrial buildings towards the centre that gradually fades into residential areas before the outer edges of the forests and farms are meet. Previously the system selected from an array of predetermined segments. The new system that is currently being worked on features completely procedural building creation and placement, which is customised to produce unique layouts for each of the different segment types.



More Info:

More info detailed in the features and contents announcements. Or see the District Overrun site and social media pages for regular progress updates and an early look at the new features.




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