Mini Conquest


Wield and ever growing mass of soldiers, swarm and overthrow your opponents. Mini Conquest revolves around balancing the risk vs reward of attack and defense. Do you charge head on into new territory claiming its spoils or do you bolster your defenses foreseeing an inevitable attack. When attacking you will inevitably have losses, leaving your land open and undefended. When defending you pass up opportunity to grow stronger as your enemies become formidable.

With a map initially scattered with opponents, and dominated by neutral savages, you must liberate their lands and put them to good use in your unquenchable thirst for conquest. Or succumb to the control of your enemies.


A top down real time strategy, condensed down to its fundamental elements. Territory generates units, which then in turn allow you to fight for territory. Outwit and outmaneuver your opponents to gain the upper hand.

The maps are procedurally generated, based on your preferences. You have control over the size, and generation type of the map generation. The types include various shapes and patterns of placement with organic randomization of positioning to provide additional variation.

Play against one or many challenging AI, each with varied strategies and tricks of their own. Each AI opponent faction has a different personality, effecting the risks they are willing to take, the tricks they are able to employ and as a result challenge which they provide.


Additional Corruption Campaign mode is in the works, which involves starting with an insignificant force, that you must use to gradually overwhelm and eventual raze your target to the ground. Your initial units can be used to kill or subdue enemies which may then be corrupted to join your forces, as you grow the towns and settlements that you are targeting being to realize your threat and muster a response force to try and vanquish you. Play through increasingly challenging environments in the puzzle like corruption mode.