Submerged Planet


Submerged Planet takes place in the icy depths of an alien world, filled with unknown and unusual creatures that are locked in a constant battle for survival. Do you want to explore the environments and learn about the intricate ecosystems and it creatures. Or pillage the planet for all the resources its got, to feed your ever growing thirst for profit and colonization.

Submerged Planet is a underwater 2D sandbox. The creatures form part of a living ecosystem, as each creature requires food for sustenance and reproduction. This carefully balanced system is subject to your influence and that of the natural fluctuations that the creatures themselves provide.
The gameplay revolves around two distinct systems, which will be intimately tied in to the over arching story. The research side of the game, allows you to explore the environment learn about the creatures as to you perform experiments. Alternately you can indulge in the industrial side of the game, where in which you can grow from an insignificant dreamer with a bucket of bolts to a filthy rich entrepreneur, as you grow your fleet of mining vessels and equipment.




The Ecosystem is large any dynamic, ranging from small photosynthesizing plants and animals that dwell on the surface to colossal predators in the deep. Each creature must be able to source and obtain a consistent source of food, whether by photosynthesis, filter feeding, hunting or scavenging. If they fail to acquire the required sustenance they will perish, allowing their remains to drift deep down to the sea floor, ready for the many scavengers to erase any trace. Because of this the food chain is in of its self an active and fluctuating system, populations of species can wane and flourish in response to the population of their predators, prey and competition. Each creature is designed to be as survivable as possible so as to be resilient to extinction. However a suitably destructive force could wreak havoc with the balance and potentially collapse entire branches of the food chain. As you go deeper the creatures found will be more and more dangerous, making exploring the deep regions of the sea very challenging. It is this that which will motivate the need to research creatures so that the simple beginning exploration vehicle can be improved and equipped with everything that you will need to explore deeper, exposing you more strange and fantastical creatures.

Research system

The Research system will revolve around performing experiments on the various creature, with the aim to build a chronicle of information that intimately describes the details of the creatures anatomy, behaviors and environment. The research experiments range from observing numerous instances of the creatures potentially whilst performing some specialized behavior. To taking samples or carcasses to the research facility, or implanting tracking devices that will remain with the creature for some time, until they detach and deploy a flotation device, drawing them up to the surface where they then ping signals back, informing you of their location. As well as progressing some short story lines, when the research for a creature has progressed enough you will likely discover the rare compounds which can be harvested from it, these often leads to being able to develop new technology and upgrades in the research facility.

Industrial system

The Industrial system will involve purchasing, deploying, instructing and maintaining machinery, with the aim to grow through investments of more equipment. As you make more money you will be able to invest in more equipment with better performance, thus generating more money. The feedback will continue for as long as you can maintain it. It won't be a case of sit back and relax as you wait for the numbers to tick up. You can go bankrupt and loose your entire fortune as quickly as you made it if you make bad decisions or invest poorly. There is a simple stock market system, that is initialized with procedural variations and responds to the goods you are trading in. Variable prices and changes in the availability of resources means that you need adapt your strategy to your procedurally generated world. The equipment includes mining vehicles, refineries, and automation machines among others that fill more specialized roles. You will need to design an intricate system whilst making it robust enough to survive interference from the creatures of the planet.