Dynamic Cell Games


District Overrun

Fast paced top down zombie shooter. Includes persistently simulated map, with dynamic and reactive AI that can navigate the procedurally generated city and surrounding environments. The initially small zombie infestation must actively infect the human population in order to grow into a colossal horde, with the human AI responsible for defending themselves or finding a way to escape. The 5 to 10 thousand AI constantly interacting with each other results in different outcome for each play through.  How long can you survive? How many can you save? How many can you kill? 



Plant Sim

Biological simulation that utilises heavy abstraction to efficiently model various micro-organisms. There is no inherent knowledge of a cell or organisms, i.e. there is no program for what a cell is and the particles don't know that they are part of the larger object, much like the atoms in your body, which primarily interact only with their direct neighbours, and have no awareness that they are part of a larger object. Instead the organisms are an emergent outcome of carefully chosen behaviours given to the particles that allow them to interact with their neighbours in specific ways, to produce the more complex structures through their collective behaviours. Includes various tools for interacting with the simulation, with the aim to provide an educational tool that students may directly interact with, observe and experiment on, without the need for expensive equipment or time consuming set up and clean up.



Submerged Planet

Explore deep alien oceans with dangerous and fantastical creatures. Research and study the lifeforms to learn their secrets or set up complex industrial systems to pillage the planets resources. The ecosystem is a dynamic and living entity, where in which the creatures themselves must seek food and shelter. Disrupting the carefully balanced ecosystem can have devastating repercussions. 



Mini Conquest

Top down real time strategy boiled down to its core. Manage your troops in a conquest for total domination as you outsmart and outmanoeuvre your enemies. Have full control of troop movement and formations, taking advantage of your opponents weakness without exposing any of your own. Fight against intelligent AI with various personalities and tactics, with various difficulty provided by AI skill, not arbitrary buffs.